cryoactionCryoAction is the leading provider of whole body cryotherapy equipment to the soccer elite. Our chambers are in use by a number of leading clubs, enabling medical staff to keep players on the pitch and better equipped to manage the intensity of the modern game. CryoAction cryotherapy helps to accelerate recovery, enhancing performance and wellbeing for elite athletes

Here are some comments from staff at 2 of our Premiership clients:-

“We’ve used cryotherapy to great effect, immediately realising the benefits it brought to the players by increased speed of recovery from fatigue after games as well as quicker recovery from player tissue damage.

By having our own cryotherapy system, CryoAction provides us with a piece of technology allowing us to get our first team training and playing together far more often as a squad.“  Ben Dixon,  Senior Sports Scientist, Watford Football Club

“The CryoAction cryotherapy unit has become an integral part of the recovery and preparation culture at Leicester City FC”. Dave Rennie  Head Physiotherapist  Leicester City Football Club

CryoAction offers a range of solutions such as fixed cryotherapy chambers for installation into an existing facility, transportable solutions for semi-permanent installations or deployment where internal space is at a premium such as, adjacent to a training facility and mobile solutions for use in conjunction with tournaments or training camps.

Headed by a strong management team with experience from across both business and sports, CryoAction is renowned across the sector for its high quality equipment and an attention to service and support.

In a world of marginal gains, CryoAction puts players ahead of their competition, enabling them to Train Harder – Recover Faster – Perform Better.