Bacoban-UK Ltd was formed as the licence holder for distribution in the UK. Bacoban-UK Ltd has a trading relationship with Ropimex GmBH who is the product owner and producer.

Bacoban-UK has established some unique single purpose brand names of the Bacoban® biocidal disinfectant, which is the latest technology in the control of infection transmission between people. Bacoban is a highly effective anti-microbial biocide that continuously gives active protection for 10 days after application which 95% of alternative products cannot.

With Bacoban’s added and mostly unique, benefits that a comprehensive infection control needs, there is no other single product that can deliver this level of infection control.

Bacoban-UK is extending the product to a range of industry sectors that suffer widely documented infection outbreaks, following its initial move into the sport and leisure markets for which there is good access to through Sport Pathways Ltd. The added brand logos are shown below.