Football Medicine Register


An elite register of medical and science practitioners who have worked for or on behalf of a professional football club.

The Register consists only of the following practitioners; those currently employed in the top 5 tiers of Professional Football in the UK (full members) and those who have been employed or who have provided health care services to these Professional Football Clubs (Affiliate members).

  • Create an Invaluable directory for colleagues at Professional Clubs to source skilled practitioners like YOU
  • Provide grassroots football direct access to YOU as an elite level practitioner.
  • Promote YOU to fans as a practitioner who has worked for their Club.
  • Showcase YOUR practice to this target audience.
  • Expand YOUR client base through a trusted medium which has a nationwide reach.
  • Gain recognition for YOUR skills, expertise and experience in elite level football.
  • Further advertise YOUR clinical specialty by submitting articles of interest in our quarterly magazine “Football Medic & Scientist” or as a contribution to our CPD programme.
  • Places YOU ahead of the game!

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Joining the Register now will:

  • Immediately enable clubs to source practitioners like YOU.
  • Give us the opportunity to ensure your listing promotes YOU to optimum effect.
  • Allow YOU to become part of a growing database of elite practitioners.

We will:

  • Promote and market the register within the game, with Grass Roots Football, with Fan BasesMedia and Football Administrators  ahead of the 2017/2018 season launch.
  • Send you our logo for use on your stationery
  • Dispatch your Certificate of Membership and FMR Registration

* A Register fee of £25.00 pcm will commence from the 1 June 2017.


The Register

  • The Register consists only of those practitioners who have been employed in the top 5 tiers of Professional Football (full members) and those who have offered services to a Professional Club (Affiliate members).
  • Full members consist of Doctors, Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists, Sports Scientists and Soft Tissue Therapists.
  • Affiliate members consist of Surgeons, Physicians, Podiatrists, Sports Psychologists, Osteopaths/Chiropractors, Dentists, Opticians, Nutritionists.
  • Strict guidelines as to eligibility for register entitlement are already established and each application will be verified on an individual basis.
  • Registrant members will require authorisation before a listing becomes active.
  • All practitioners must be registered with their individual professional registration bodies.
  • All practitioners must become members of the FMA and remain as members for the duration of their listing on the register.
  • The FMA reserves the right to refuse, remove or cancel membership, registration and profile on the Football Medicine Register.


The FMA does not assume, and is not responsible for, any liability whatsoever for the website links mentioned on this site nor for the accuracy, operation, information, interpretation or content of any of the member listings.


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